As Bitcoin hits $50,000, cryptocurrencies that may help the music industry are just getting started

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Recently, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become a hot topic. As technologies are more refined and new coins are being developed, some music industry professionals are now looking at how digital money can be used in the context of the music community.

With the current systems in place, the music industry has seen slow payment processing and a host of other issues as many artists need to manage a variety of income sources. The greater adoption of cryptocurrencies brings hope to the future of payment to these artists.

A system of cryptocurrency would significantly improve payment speeds as many can…

New features and a redesigned experience gives more reasons to subscribe to the streaming platform.

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With the recent release of Apple Music Radio and the bundle of new features offered in the iOS 14 update ADD LINK, Apple Music is shaping up to be a tougher competitor against the other major streaming services.

What’s New

For the longest time, I have used a combination of Apple Music and Spotify to satisfy my musical needs. After checking what’s new in iOS 14, I have found that Apple Music provides the very thing I needed from Spotify all this time. …


Learn more about Matt and his musical journey

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The album cover for “Rough Around The Edges”

Matthew Anton Holic, simply known as Matt Holic, is an American singer-songwriter from Carmel, New York. Holic found his passion for music through writing his first song at age twelve and later receiving vocal training from SUNY Fredonia ’83 alumni, certified vocal teacher, and former high school Music Teacher Melissa Jones. In his debut single, he has thoroughly experimented to find his sound, while honing his craft in preparation to pursue his true passion wholeheartedly.

What got you interested in becoming a musical artist?

It was pretty much inevitable that I would…

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Since starting my music career in 2018, TuneCore…

Silence Is Golden by Lettuce

I’ve enjoyed listening to the band Lettuce now for a while, and have begun to enjoy their funk feel and jazzy instrumentals.

This song Silence Is Golden is the fifth…

You might not be able to perform music right online, but you can continue being musical with others without being together in person.

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Internet speed and latency issues stop musicians from playing together, but they don’t have to stop the songwriting process.

For the past few months, I have tried a variety of online video platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, and even JamKazam to write and record music with my friends. None have seemed to work because our connection isn’t strong enough and leads to a delay.

So instead of trying to find a way to communicate in real-time, I found a more reliable way to collaborate.

The strategy is simple. Just record a part into your DAW, compress it for easy transport, and…

Tik Tok is currently the top entertainment app for kids and continues to grow in popularity, but is it safe?

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Tik Tok is most famous for its quick videos, usually accompanied by music. The app, owned by the Chinese based company ByteDance, has proved to be a success. The app, downloaded over two billion times, has given teens like Charli D’melio and Addison Rae celebrity status and has given users an endless stream of videos to scroll through. Meanwhile, the app has also created a privacy mess.

Recently, the problem has gotten worse with privacy advocates filing a complaint that the app violates child privacy laws in the United States. …

Here are the best options to make your vocals sound amazing

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Nectar 3

Price: $249.00

Why you need it: Nectar 3 has a variety of tools, all designed in a beautiful interface. This plug-in is so much more responsive than many other competitors and focuses on dynamic equalization to adjust to your specific project.

The company Izotope also offers a vocal bundle, including Nectar 3, for $299.

Waves Vocal Rider

Price: 79.99

Why you need it: Waves Vocal Rider is a very simple plug-in. It helps you to automate your vocal levels. It saves you so much time that would otherwise be spent manually changing the volumes. …

Apple’s “biggest update to Logic since the launch of Logic Pro X”

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Today Apple released its brand new update to Logic Pro users around the world. Here’s a quick look at the features in this update. Here are the key features added in version 10.5.

Live Looping

One of the most exciting features included in this update is the ability to do live looping. Live looping debuted on the iOS GarageBand app but has made its way to the big screen in Logic. The feature will allow “Loops, samples, and recordings can be organized into a new musical grid, where musicians can spontaneously perform and capture different arrangement ideas into the timeline.” …

Michael DiVestea

Michael DiVestea is a music producer and tech lover based in New York. Current student at The Bandier Program in Recording and Entertainment Industries.

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