As Bitcoin hits $50,000, cryptocurrencies that may help the music industry are just getting started

Recently, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become a hot topic. As technologies are more refined and new coins are being developed, some music industry professionals are now looking at how digital money can be used in the context of the music community.

With the current systems in place, the music…

The blockchain music streaming service Audius is growing fast. Is it the next best way to listen to music?

Audius was founded in 2018 as a music streaming service built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the largest non-financial crypto project at this point. After two years, listeners still have some questions before making the switch.

Using Audius

Audius is the new Soundcloud. A place for artists to post their own…

New Ways To Interact With Music On Your Device Are Coming

Every year, Apple releases its latest and greatest operating system updates at their Worldwide Developer Conference. One focus on this year’s updates, in particular, is Apple Music. This fall, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac users will have access to some of the most useful Apple Music features released yet.



I’ve Found The Answer

I remember the day I released my first song and listened to it on my speakers through iTunes. Immediately after my song ended, another song came on from my library, and my speakers started blasting. That’s when I found out about the “loudness war.”

The History

For many years, artists have increased…

The NFT craze is not over. There is still time to learn!

NFTs are a revolutionary product that will continue to play an important role in crypto. There isn’t a better time than now to get started! Use this quick guide to get a very general overview of the process. Here’s how you can get started:

Get Crypto

The first step in buying an…

New features and a redesigned experience gives more reasons to subscribe to the streaming platform.

With the recent release of Apple Music Radio and the bundle of new features offered in the iOS 14 update ADD LINK, Apple Music is shaping up to be a tougher competitor against the other major streaming services.

What’s New

For the longest time, I have used a combination of Apple Music…

Michael DiVestea

Michael DiVestea is a music producer and crypto lover based in Connecticut. Current student at The Bandier Program in Recording and Entertainment Industries.

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